Bar Counter Widget

The animated bar counter is a beautiful way to display useful stats to your visitors. With the animation turned on, the bars start filling up as they enter the viewport. The repeater field in this module lets you have as many bars as you need.


Admin Label : The name you add here will appear in the page builder under the widget name. This helps with easy identification of the contents of the widget.


This is a repeater field. You can add as many as you like.

Title : This will appear above the bar on the left.

Percentage : This defines the width of the bar’s highlighted section.


Use animations? :  Uncheck this to disable animations when the widget appears on screen.

Height : Set the thickness of the bars.

Show Percentage ? : Uncheck to remove the bar’s percentage.

Title Color : Set the title’s color.

Percentage Color : Set the percentage color.

Bar Background Color : Set the color for the non-highlighted section of the bar.

Bar Color : Set the color for the highlighted section of the bar.

Show Border? : Display a border around the bar.

Border Color : Set the border’s color.

Corners : Choose the shape for the bar’s corners.