Number Counter Widget

The number counter is an engaging way to display numerical statistics to your visitors. This widget is commonly used as a marketing tool to impress visitors.


Admin Label : The name you add here will appear in the page builder under the widget name. This helps with easy identification of the contents of the widget.

Number Settings

Start : This is the number from which the count is initiated.

End : This is the number at which the count is terminated.

Speed : Being an animated widget, this field defines the time it takes from beginning to end of the count.

Number Prefix : This can be used to insert any text before the number.

Number Suffix : This can be used to insert any text after the number.

Title : This is used to give the number a short description.

Title Position : The title can be placed above or below the number.


Title Color : Set the title text’s color.

Number Color : Set the number’s color.

Number Size : Set the number’s size.