Slider Widget


Admin Label : The name you add here will appear in the page builder under the widget name. This helps with easy identification of the contents of the widget.


This is a repeater field. You can add as many as you like.

Name : The name you add here will appear in the repeater title in the widget form. This helps with easy identification of the image in the repeater field.

Image : Upload the slide image.


Adaptive Height : Changes the height of the slider with changes in the slider height.

Autoplay : Enables autoplay.

Autoplay Speed : The autoplay speed in milliseconds.

Pause Autoplay on Focus : Pauses autoplay on mouse hover.

Pause Autoplay on Hover : Pauses autoplay on slider focus.

Arrow Navigation : Enables arrow navigation.

Arrows only on hover : Displays arrow navigation only when mouse hovers over slider.

Previous Arrow : Icon for previous arrow.

Next Arrow : Icon for next arrow.

Dots Navigation : Enables dots navigation.

Pause Autoplay on Dots Hover : Pauses autoplay on dots hover.

Fade Transitions : Use fade effect while slides are changing.

Infinite Loop : Infinite loop sliding.

Show Caption : Display the slide caption if it exists.

Caption Icon : Displays an icon next to the caption.


Icon Color : Arrow Navigation icon color.

Icon Size : Arrow Navigation icon size.

Icon Background : Arrow Navigation icon background.

Icon Border : Arrow Navigation icon border color.

Icon Border Width : Arrow Navigation icon border thickness.

Icon Padding : Distance around the arrow navigation icons. The background color will extend till here.

Icon Margin : Distance around the arrow navigation icons. Useful to create a gap between the slider and the slider edge.

Icon Border Radius : Arrow Navigation icon border radius.

Dots Color : Color of the dots navigation.

Dots Size : Size of the dots navigation.

Dots Position : Choose to have the dots navigation below or at the bottom of the slider.

Caption Position : Choose to place the caption at the bottom or top of the slide.

Caption Theme : Choose a light or dark theme for the caption.