Testimonial Widget

The Testimonial Widget is the best way to showcase quotes from your customers. The widget combines a quote, it's author, his/her image and a link back to their website. This is can be used on your Sales, Pricing or Home pages to encourage trust.


Name : The name of the testimonial author.


Image : Select an image from the Media Library.

Company : The company of the person.

Company Link : URLapplied to the company.

Open link in : Choose to open the company link in the same tab or a new tab.

Content : The testimonial.


Design : Defines the location of the image.

Image Shape : Choose the shape of the image.

Image Width : Choose the maximum width of the image.

Text Alignment : Set the alignment of the text. You can align it left, center or right.

Background Color : Choose the background color for the entire testimonial.

Name Color : Choose the color for the name.

Company Color : Choose the color for the company.

Remove Padding : Remove the default padding that surrounds the testimonial.