Testimonial Slider Widget [ PRO ]

The Testimonial Slider Widget is a great way to encourage trust from your visitors by displaying quotes from your customers. This widget will snuggly fit in your  Sales, Pricing or Home pages. Use the many settings provided to create unique designs.


Admin Label : The name you add here will appear in the page builder under the widget name. This helps with easy identification of the contents of the widget.


This is a repeater field. You can add as many as you like.

Name : The name of the testimonial author.


Image : Select an image from the Media Library.

Company : The company of the person.

Company Link : URL is applied to the company text.

Open link in : Choose to open the company link in the same tab or a new tab.

Content : The testimonial.

Slider Settings

Adaptive Height : Changes the height of the slider with changes in the slider height.

Autoplay : Enables autoplay.

Autoplay Speed : The autoplay speed in milliseconds.

Pause Autoplay on Focus : Pauses autoplay on mouse hover.

Pause Autoplay on Hover : Pauses autoplay on slider focus.

Arrow Navigation : Enables arrow navigation.

Arrows only on hover : Displays arrow navigation only when mouse hovers over slider.

Previous Arrow : Icon for previous arrow.

Next Arrow : Icon for next arrow.

Dots Navigation : Enables dots navigation.

Pause Autoplay on Dots Hover : Pauses autoplay on dots hover.

Fade Transitions : Use fade effect while slides are changing. This setting is not functional with carousel sliders.

Infinite Loop : Infinite loop sliding.

Carousel : Display slider as a carousel.

Carousel item for xlarge screens : Specify the number of people to show on screens above 1440px.

Carousel item for large screens : Specify the number of people to show on screens between 1024px to 1440px.

Carousel item for medium screens : Specify the number of people to show on screens above 640px to 1024px.

Carousel item for small screens : Specify the number of people to show on screens below 640px.

Testimonial Styling

Design : Defines the location of the image.

Image Shape : Choose the shape of the image.

Image Width : Choose the maximum width of the image.

Text Alignment : Set the alignment of the text. You can align it left, center or right.

Background Color : Choose the background color for the entire testimonial.

Name Color : Choose the color for the name.

Company Color : Choose the color for the company.

Remove Padding : Remove the default padding that surrounds the testimonial.

Slider Styling

Slider Side Padding : Add a little space along the left and right edges of the slider. This is useful if you want to accommodate the navigation icons outside the slider. 

Icon Color : Arrow Navigation icon color.

Icon Size : Arrow Navigation icon size.

Icon Background : Arrow Navigation icon background.

Icon Border : Arrow Navigation icon border color.

Icon Border Width : Arrow Navigation icon border thickness.

Icon Padding : Distance around the arrow navigation icons. The background color will extend till here.

Icon Margin : Distance around the arrow navigation icons. Useful to create a gap between the slider and the slider edge.

Icon Border Shape : Arrow Navigation icon border radius.

Dots Color : Color of the dots navigation.

Dots Size : Size of the dots navigation.

Gap between carousel items : Adds a small gap between people when carousel is enabled.