Import/Export Layout

Importing and exporting layouts allows you to easily share, move or append a page template to another.

Accessing the Import/Export Interface

On your page access the click on the Layouts button to access the layouts interface.

Once the layouts interface opens click on the Import/Export tab on the left.

Now you can start importing/exporting custom layouts.

Exporting Layout

To export a layout click the Download Layout button.

This downloads the pages layout as a JSON file.

Importing Layout

Keep the JSON layout file ready.

You can either drop this JSON file in the indicated section or click the Select Import File button and choose your layout file.

Once the file has been processed, the Insert button at the bottom of the page lights up.

Once clicked, you get 3 options: Insert after, Insert before and Replace current.

Choose the option that you need and the layout is added to your page.